Cadet College Jaffarabad (CCJ) was established, in ­­­­­Mar 2008.  The first entry of 30 cadets was housed / trained in Cadet College Mastung and later shifted to present location on March 2009. Initially, the project was funded by the Federal Government and after 18thAmendment, it started working under the umbrella of Provincial Government. College is structured for the strength of 360 boys from class VII to XII. The first batch passed out in Jun 2013. The students of CCJ are known as “Jaffarians” and the motto of the college is ­­­­Wisdom and Courage”.


                  In the wake of the Second Wave of COVID-19, Government of Pakistan has decided to conduct the online classes (No Physical Classes). To ensure the class-conduction-process, College Administration has organised Online Class System.

Online Classes will contain:

  • Virtual Lectures

  • Assignments

  • Task Assessment

  • Report/ Result Analysis

                  All Cadets are informed to ensure their presence.