Payment of Fee

          Students have to pay 50,000 per year. It is charged in two instalments in the month of Mar and Sep. Parents are required to deposit fee in the bank (as nominated by the College)

          A/C Title: Principal Cadet College Jaffarabad Fee Collection,

          A/C No: 1078-3419-4100-3475  MCB Usta Muhammad Branch Code (0562)

The deposit slip is sent to college authorities for the record. Boarding, messing and books are provided by the college. However, uniform and other dresses are to be purchased by the students.


Rules and Regulations For Self Finance Scheme

        Keeping in view the persistent demand of the public and the financial limitations of the college, the BOG has approved a limited number of seats in classes 7th & 11th to be filled through self finance scheme. The admissions are done on merit of the candidates applying under this scheme.



          Cadets admitted under self finance scheme will be treated at par with other cadets. They will also abide by the college rules and regulations. Such cadets, if withdrawn at any stage of studies on disciplinary or educational grounds will not be entitled for refund of amount or part of amount charged under self finance scheme.


Late Payment of Fee

     Penalties for a late fee are as under:

  •   100/-  per day will be charged for 10 days after the due date.
  •   500/-  per day will be charged for each subsequent day.

          To discourage the frequency of late-payment cases, the following penalties will also be imposed against the defaulters when the overdue amount exceeds the fee of one term/quarter:-

  •   Suspension from the College till deposit of outstanding dues, the suspended students will be sent home.
  •   Striking off the cadet’s name from the College roll
  •   Withholding of documents/testimonials (original as well as photocopies) till recovery of all outstanding dues.
  •   Withholding of Application/Admission process to Board Exams/other Colleges.


Fee Structure - New Admission

Admission Fees                                                                                             Rs. 5,000 (One time on admission)

Security Fees (Refundable)                                                                          Rs. 10,000 (One time on admission)

Other Charges (Hostel services, Barber and Laundry)                             Rs. 6,000 (One time on admission)

Tuition Fee, Boarding, Lodging Charges                                                     Rs. 50,000 (per annum in two instalments)

Total Payment for New Admission                                                               Rs 46,000 (5000+10,000+6,000+25,000)  

                                                                                                                           (Excluding kit items)


Other Expenses

     In addition to the above, following expenses are to be paid by parents:-

  •   Items of uniform /sports Kit.
  •   Board examination and registration fees.
  •   Travelling expenses.
  •   Pocket money.