Principal Message

Brig Abid Hussain Shah, Psc, PE, CMILT (UK)

I bow my head in humility to Almighty Allah who gave me the courage and perseverance to continue working on the project that is still ongoing, despite many limitations and unfavorable circumstances. In an overall vision of Army of developed Balochistan, contributing something for its deprived youth is a source of inspiration for me.

The college is committed to nurturing the youth of Balochistan as balanced, energetic and productive citizens, imbued with the spirit of patriotism and to bring them at par with the youth of other provinces and regions. They should be able to make a meaningful contribution to their families, nation and humanity at large. I would like the Cadets to excel in academics, sports, debates and declamations, clubs and societies but also to be aware of their religious obligations and social norms

With all the limitations in short voyage, we have been able to attain meaningful standards and now striving to take on new challenges overcoming any precincts. We need to equip our scholars with the skills to not only excel and distinguish in multi-cultural global settings but to also prove effective ambassadors of a progressive Pakistan

My utmost endeavor will be to bring Cadet College Jaffarabad at par with any other Cadet College of Pakistan. I have full faith in our highly qualified and experienced teachers and administrative staff who spend day and night to satisfy the needs of not only education but also focus on extracurricular activities essential for personality grooming.

The journey continues, your guidance and support is a source of reassurance for us to continue working with the same zeal and spirit.

May Allah be with us in all our endeavors. Ameen