Structure and Functioning

          The College is functioning under the auspices of Provincial Government of Balochistan (GoB) and looked after by Secy Higher and Technical Education. It can house 360+ students from class VII to XII. The strength of each entry varies between 60–70 cadets. College is headed by a Principal and is organised into Academic and Administrative Wings. The academic wing is headed by Vice-Principal. He is assisted by heads of departments and a rich faculty. The Administrative Wing is headed by Adjutant/ Administrative Officer and is responsible for the administrative matters. Physical training/ sports and outdoor activities are supervised by the Adjutant, House Masters and House Officers.

Color and Badge


 The Badge of the College was designed by the PWD department (Federal) at the start of the project.





    The New badge has been designed by ex-Cadet ­­­Jamshaid Khan Umrani  (College Nol 176) in Feb 2019. Green colour represents green belt and fertile land of Balochistan and Pen and Sword represent “ Wisdom and Courage” which is the Motto of the College.



Boarding Houses

          There are six houses, named as Jinnah, Tipu, Iqbal, Guauri, Chaker-e-Azam and Lalak Jan. Each house is supervised by a House Master, who is assisted by an Assistant House Master, a House Tutor.  Jinnah, Tipu, Iqbal and Guauri are senior houses and accommodate cadets of 9th to 2nd year whereas Chaker-e-Azam and Lalak Jan house are exclusive for 7th and 8th classes. The facilities of washing, ironing & cleaning are provided to all the cadets. The Motto of the houses are as under:

  •    Iqbal House                 Unity is Strength
  •    Jinnah House              Conviction and Courage
  •    Tipu House                  Truthfulness Always
  •    Ghouri House              Duty First
  •    Lalak Jan House         Work, Work and Work
  •    Chakar-e-Azam           Absolute Faith

Cadet Mess

         The college also has well-organized mess to accommodate cadets of all houses. It is supervised by mess chairman, mess in-charge and a storekeeper. Trained cook and efficient waiters ensure that delicious food is served in time.